Matches played


James Wilkinson SmEBo 15
Richard Watson T!NE 11
Robert Watson GreEBo 3
Andrew Johnson SPUD 7
Charles Bronson Harmonica Man 6
Leo Stachowicz Nitric 12
Chris Hoare Blokey 7
Mark Worth Sven 6

 Clan Info

The Buckshot Brigade is a clan of elite Quake players, aiming to dominate the UK Quake scene.

Many other clans seem to be taking themselves extremely seriously, but Quake is just a game and we like to keep it that way.

We can be identified by the name postfix

Most of our clan members are not fortunate enough to have fast connections, so we pride ourselves on our ability to overcome lag and high pings whilst still putting in a creditable performance.

 Clan News

16th May
Pyro has decided to move on from the BBs and will now be playing for Clan Corpus. We would like to thank him for his contribution to the clan and his superb performances over the last few months.

26th May
After some tough negotiation, BB have decided to merge with Clan Pendragon. Over the last few months, we've seen a progressive reduction in the number of matches played, largely as a result of not belonging to an active league. We have been good friends with the guys at CP for many months now, so the merger was in no way impulsive or ill thought out.

 Would you like to join us?
Gibbed Head Following our merger with Clan Pendragon, BB is no longer in a position to admit new players.

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