Match #1

On Monday 28th October, the Brigade played its first match against Clan Pendragon. It was arranged as a friendly, (i.e. non-league) to give us both some practice. Over the course of the evening we played four levels which took nearly two hours. Below is a summary of the results including screenshots and total frag statistics.

After a somewhat chaotic start, the Brigade soon found their feet and began to rake in the frags. The Slipgate Complex is a bit of a camping site and it didn't take too long for CP to set up their tents in with the rocket launcher. E1M2 proved yet more challenging, SPUD had particularly bad luck due to a disconnection near the end of play, causing his frags to reset. Once again the rockets were in great demand by Pendragon due to the teamplay 1 setting.

Finally, thanks to all members who took part, to Pendragon for agreeing to be our first opponents and to Minos for hosting the event.

E1M1: The Slipgate Complex
BB-154, CP-61
E1M2: Castle of the Damned
BB-152, CP-79
E1M3: The Necropolis
BB-236, CP-163
E1M4: The Grisly Grotto
BB-132, CP-77